Cars are becoming more and more complex. From automatic emergency braking systems, 360-degree cameras, advanced driver assist systems, and connected mobile applications, newer cars models are enhancing the ordinary driving experience. But, with modern systems comes more complicated repairs and maintenance. Luckily, the team at Prospark Auto Electrical offers the latest diagnostic technologies to help technicians identify vehicle faults.

What is car diagnostic testing?

A car diagnostic test is a highly specialised way to scan and inspect your car’s internal components piece by piece. The diagnostic test provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of your car. With this information, our technicians can identify current faults and potential faults ahead of time, ensuring you avoid hefty bills and future damage to your vehicle. Common faults that are found during our car diagnostic testing include engine exhaust, transmission, ignition coils, tank, or throttle malfunctions.

How often should I get car diagnostic testing?

We know it’s quite tempting to skip routine maintenance on your vehicle especially when everything is running smoothly. Even if your car has been running smoothly for a while, our technicians recommend getting a diagnostic test at least once a year. Regular testing will help to determine any faults or issues while they are still minor, avoiding further long-term damage and expensive repair bills.

Engine light on?

Is your engine light on? If your engine light is illuminated you can keep driving but you should get your car inspected as soon as possible. Give our team a call to book your car in for a diagnostic test.